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As is widely known, fresh and continually updated web content is what lures visitors to repeatedly come to the same site and linger there for long. To achieve this, you need to evolve and put in place effective content management solutions capable of an array of functions like web-based publishing, format management, revision, indexing, search, and info retrieval.

Orion Solutions Uganda. develops and offers appropriate Content Management Systems (CMS) aimed at helping small to large enterprises manage their website content easily through texts, graphics, videos, documents, pictures, images etc., exercise effective control over all forms of data, allow users to selectively view and/or edit content, facilitate convenient storage and easy retrieval of information, check repetitive input and overall improve inter-communication amongst users.

For it to serve its intended purpose effectively and efficiently, the CMS we offer will manage the entire content using a set of well-conceived rules, processes and workflows.

The CMS which we design - keeping your specific needs in mind - will be of such type as to aid you streamline your web processes leading to healthy, cost-effective and flexible information architecture.

The CMS will permit even non-technical persons to publish their content with ease and because of removal of all technical hurdles, the CMS will eliminate the need for training and your IT department will also be relieved of frequent and persistent demand for changes to the website.

Security is a key issue & more so, when it comes to intranet and the CMS we offer will facilitate enhanced content security. It will determine who can publish to the website and who should be allowed to view what content and you can sedulously track who is publishing what content.

We design customized Content Managemant Systems and wherever necessary work on existing CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and Expression Engine.


is open-source software available under the General Public License and has numerous freely available add-on modules with excellent features like E-commerce, blogs, collaborative writing facility, newsletters, podcasting, picture galleries etc.


is a widely used award-winning CMS which helps you to build imaginative Web sites and strong online applications. Joomla is used by a host of corporate Web sites, Corporate intranets and extranets, many online periodicals, E-commerce, small businesses, community-based portals etc. to power their Web sites. Ease of use and extensibility are some key features have made Joomla the much sought-after CMS software in the market.


is web software that comes in handy to create elegant website and blogs. This core software is developed by a large number of community volunteers and there are plenty of plug-ins and themes to incredibly change your site to include amazing features. There is a popular misconception that WordPress is built only for blogs but WordPress is also an intuitive CMS.


has multiple publishing features that are both comprehensive, and flexible. It is to be noted that ExpressionEngine has many advanced typography tools that a writer will love to use. It is possible to track your site to know the most viewed and commented posts. In fact, ExpressionEngine offers 22 add-on modules and countless plug-ins. Whichever of these CMS you find most appropriate and promising, we can work with you to further suitably tailor and refine the CMS to your specific needs. We do all kinds of customization, module development for these CMS to suit perfectly to your requirement. Please bear in mind a poorly conceived and ill-designed CMS can be terribly bothersome and instead it is better not to have any CMS at all.


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We help others grow. We take care of creative, technology, marketing and support needs of our clients. From web design and cutting-edge web & mobile applications to strategic digital marketing and search engine optimization, we do it all. We even help clients provide support to their customers.
We deliver strategic digital business solution. Each of our projects starts with careful listening and understanding of our client's requirement. We ask, we analyze, we discover.


Orion Solutions Uganda. is a fast growing, young and vibrant web development and software engineering company. Orion Solutions Uganda. is ready and able to provide low cost websites for your various business needs. Able to handle all works ranging from simple graphics to high end web applications and multimedia.
Our strength is our knowledge and experience. No task is monumental nor is it impossible.